Sunday, February 14, 2010

You're a wolf, boy

If you haven't realized it by now, wolves are kind of my favorite animals....
grrrrrr/brrrrr....rather freezing. The area in front of my dorm room is pretty much a tundra wasteland in itself....all I need is the aurora borealis. The lamp post is pretty magical too.

Bigby Wolf from Fables, in both forms...wish I was that badass. Alas, I have only my 80's wolf shirt and a tutu. No cigarette or brooding gray trench. I may have to acquire those, though...

One of my favorite childhood movies, the kind that you can rewatch over and over again, while eating Kraft Mac n' Cheese....the spongebob kind.

The Ukrainian tale of Little Fox and the Friendly Wolf

Mowgli from the Jungle Book. I need to reread my favorite Kipling stories sometime soon

pictures by the amazing Kristen!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow White and Rose Red, don't beat your lover dead

back again after a second inexplicable prolonged absence....stuff is happening. But the good kind of stuff, not that other kind. Stuff and bother.
Wonderful things are in the gears

photoshoot and bento boxes! Thank you to the amazing Kristen :)

Just watched Hable Con Ella...I don't think I could ever go to a bullfight, but this story stuck in my mind for days after watching it....the images have, too. Bulls and ballerinas and tiny men are in my dreams.

I went to a modernized version of The Mikado, thanks to my amazing roomie. We snuck candy into the theater in our purses, and I laughed so hard my M&Ms ended up rolling away...hope they didn't end up in the pitt....

I also went to the Mattress Factory for a brief visit for an article. Definitely want to return when I can spend more time tripping out, and when buses to Northside aren't so kooky.

And my 2nd ever visit to Target. Was only mildly impressed. UNTIL I REALIZED THEY STILL HAD SOME RODARTE LEFT. Ended up with a gorgeous blouse, a dress, and several heart attacks. I have yet to wear them, but pictures will come....

Also decided to wear everything that I could find that was yellow for some reason.

I just met Rose Red.
I've started reading Fables...a graphic novel with incredible images and an insanely gripping plot. She is Snow White's sister.
"Snow White was shy and preferred to stay inside, but Rose Red laughed and loved to play in the woods."
She also liked to lead insurrections.

And I knowwww everybody and their mother have seen the Dior Spring collection...but when I turned to the Styles Section in the NY Times and saw it for the first time I could help screaming a little. TOPHATS AND WAISTCOATS RED RIDINGJACKETS OHHHHH MY.
If I could dress like a victorian hunting party everyday, you know I would. Brings back good memories of the Lieutenant Pinkerton ensemble....lovelovelove....

Ending with lovely things that exist only in my mind. And Topshop USA. But ya know.