Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She was out of hell on a cold morning

-pg. 90, Lady Chatterly's Lover

Just finished this book. It was the first D.H. Lawrence work I have read, and I think I liked it. It was not what I expected (NOT talking about the sex-I was prepared for that- the ending wasn't the way I imagined it would wrap up) If anyone is on Goodreads, I just joined! Let me know if you are. It's such a cool idea- an online bookshelf for you and your friends to share. Like a virtual library. But you can only look at it, you know. And write scathing reviews if you wish.

I splatter bleached these jeans myself. I was planning on taking them in to be skinny jeans, but I kind of like them as flares now (noooo this is not an excuse for lazy assery...)

the amazing Kristen had a photography assignment, and some friends and I took over a stairwell and several pairs of blue jeans to assist her. I will post some pictures of me and the other models as soon as I get their permission!

the wall in my dorm looks like a street alley


I just got a sewing machine, and I am working on a very exciting project! I'll share soon. For now, here are some pics of things I'm planning on making in the future, when my life isn't ruled by exacto knives and stencils and paper deadlines.

I love quite a bit of Free People's online store, but oy vey....caro caro CARO. My frustration has led to this combination of Yiddish and Spanish. That is what it has come to.
Thankfully, soon I'll be making my own flowy, gorgeous grecian pastel dresses, which hopefully will cost a lot less.

Oscars anyone???
I was rooting for this short myself.... loved the movements and style, and the plot seemed predictable at first, but the ending was a bit of a surprise. I love me a good plot twist, yessir.

I really wanted to see Logorama too, but that was the only short I wasn't able to find online....if anyone knows where I can watch it, help plz!

A project on Spanish cinema has led to incredible inspiration

El Hotel Electrico

Maria Felix

A pic from the upcoming Disney movie....I don't know whether to be excited or not yet, since all I was able to find were a few stills. Anyway, I have sympathy for any girl with abnormal hair. Don't worry, Rapunzel. Can I call you Zel? Rap doesn't sound right.

Ending, as usual, with things I want but cannot has. All Topshop!

my love of stripes prevails
I really want to try a maxi dress. I have shied away from anything with a skirt this long before, but I think I can make an attempt to pull it off now. OR DIE TRYING. Or just....put it back on the shelf.....sigh. I need more moxy. Or chutzpah, to continue with the Yiddish thing....

I've been wanting some good ol' Granny Sophie lace up boots for AGES, but whenever I find a pair I like (usually at UO or Topshop), I find myself thinking it ridiculous that such beat up looking boots cost so damn much. Resigning myself to sifting through piles at Goodwill.

Goodbye, Sir John Thomas and Lady Jane!

Friday, March 5, 2010

We're all mad here

Freezing but fun photoshoot with Kristen on some hidden train tracks. It's funny that it took us a fair amount of time finding something so big, but they really were hidden. That made it a lot more magical. Finding a spot of forest in the middle of a city is always incredible
Wearing Docs, my grandmother's fake fur coat, Yokoo scarf, and silver dress from somewhere vague

So psyched for this. I really can't remember the last time I was so excited to see a movie. Tonight I will be meeting with some mad wonderful people in hats and rabbit ears. We will have Chinese and then go to Wonderland.

Hitchhiking on a closed road

Whatchoo lookin at? No, I'm not cold, don't you see I have socks on?

Next winter, I seriously need to be more prepared for the cold. It fell on us like a ton of icy bricks. At the very least, I need a giant mushroom hat like this. Not quite so practical, but most definitely fuzzy.

What did you do for Chinese New Year?
We went to the restaurant of a friend's, where we had some seriously good food and fun times with great people.
I also learned how to make dumplings, and am now reconsidering my career choices. Expert dumpling maker sounds pretty good, especially if I can eat all of my clumsy creations...

Some things in my head
Performance art by Yves Klein

Mexican graffiti. Also my future apartment.

The last Aztec king, Cuauhtemoc

Found this on Facehunter, I think. As soon as I saw it I wondered why, why why had I never before realized my dire need for a tailcoat. WHY I ASK.

The road and tracks were so lovely in the snow...But the tunnel was incredibly eerie. It was so enormous, but I couldn't see any light at the other end. Totally black and quiet.

Can't wait!!!!