Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Have Laughed Up Galaxies, Hats and Glasses...

Today I got to hang with one of my bessstest friends who's off at prep school so I never get to see her often enough....

Woke up at the crack of dawn for coffee at one of our favorite places....

I love coffee art =)

And then marvelous misadventures at the downtown thrift store, which is one of the sweetest places EVER. The lady who owns it is so nice too, she always gives us cheaper prices than are listed....'cause we're just cool like that.

I was TORN THROUGH MY SOUL about the sequin jacket....I really liked it, but hrrrmmmm....

I found this floral blazer which reminded me of the one that Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style got from Topshop! I found I quite liked it once I ripped the shoulder pads out.....

This hat reminded me of an Alps-esque hat my grandpa had once
I would have gotten it if it had fit over my hair.
I've been looking for a hat for spring/summer- the problem is very very very few things fit over my head. Very few. There's a hat I really loved from Urban Outfitters, but I'm trying to see if I can thrift one like it someplace for something substantially less than $32....I'm such a squirrely mouse with my money but you gotta be when you have no steady income. But this will hopefully change around March 6, when the local ice cream shop opens for applications.

I have all of these beautiful images in my head of my impending job...Barrels and barrels of pastel ice cream, Willy-Wonka-esque jars of sprinkles and nuts and peanut butter and chocolate chips and everything you could want on ice cream, towering steel cylinders of yogurt and beautifully swirled strawberry and chocolate...

But of course it won't be anything like that.

But how sweet is this lion neclace??? I ended up buying it and the floral blazer. It reminds me of a mask from The Lion King musical.

Photos by Johan Persson at BBC

I loved that show. ...I once saw the art book for that, and it was amazing- it showed pictures of the costumes in development, character sketches, the set design...It would be mine today if it didn't cost around forty dollars...I think...

After our shopping expedition we went to the mall to get her hair done- her school is having a dance tonight and she wanted it in an updo. But we met another of our good friends in the center of the mall, doing of all things, a waltz!

A renaissance waltz, apparently.

Of course I joined in the fun.

Morgan wimped out and took the pictures.

I had the most adorable partner ever!

So after we were finished waltzing, we checked out all the hair salons, but none of them had a free stylist to do her hair. So the task fell to me.

It was accomplished while listening to The Fantasticks and Sweeney Todd soundtracks.

I hope she has a fun time tonight!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am the baaaatmaaaaan....

So these are pictures from a random photoshoot my friends and I did on a whim. These are all just clothes we found in their closet, tossed on randomly and with abandon, and set out to the local park, earning odd looks from passerby. I don't know why. It might have been the Batman mask.

Well Then
Winter mugshot
Oh Batman you're my hero

Batman likes swings
It was so so cold...We did this in early December, before the snow came but the cold was still hanging in the air freezing my fingers off
Leaf fight. I was totally winning until Katie lost her ring while trying to brain me with a handful of maple leaves so we all stopped and looked through the knee-deep pile of leaves for a tiny little pinky ring and guess what? We found it.


We had random inspiration for shouting OH MY OH MY GOD ITS A TORNADO ITS A ITS A TORNADO DON'T LET GO OF THE FENCE


This escapade was ended by the cold- we ended up running screaming away from the park and to the nearby Giant Eagle where we elicited more stares and bought some chocolate cookies with vanilla chunks and brought them back home and made milky coffee and ate them and watched Batman Begins for the umpteenth time. What an awesome day.
Our next photoshoot is scheduled to be a Batman-themed one... I have actually put quite a bit of thought into this one, and I'll post with more details later.

I get to stay home from school today because I have a college interview hahaHAHAHAH I'm sitting here eating lindt chocolates while others are in school GLORIOUS FEELINGS


So I'ma go get ready for that...but here are two little things that are making my head happy right now.

Rue de Cascades



Monday, February 23, 2009

The glen and sky spun around, the hills heaved!

I realized something not too long ago.
I want money.

I know, I know-strange realization!!!

And not to sound like a greedy and unscrupulous little thing, but it would be really nice to have a steady income, rather than the sporadic windfalls of cash I get from babysitting. And I hate asking my parents for money.
So upcoming is a list of the top things I'd buy if I were a rich man...ya da di ya ya dadumdumdum....
ehmm right.

I got to work on a piece I'm submitting for some scholarship moola...I started this a while ago as an abstract pencil drawing, so I just need to touch it up a bit.

And then some highly sophisticated people got together in a basement for video games, french onion dip and chips, and looking through old pictures. And holding MAH BEHBEH. D'awww look at his laydeez.

His name is Caramel and he is a pimp.

On Sunday some friends and I went to an art show we were in. It was a highschool art show, but it felt cool to see my work up for the first time =)
And some fool of a lady made the punch practically explode, which was hilarious.

I love forests when they're covered in snow.

AA shirt, HM boots. No clue what the stick is.
So what I wore today. I was a bit of a bum from having stayed up so late to watch the Oscars, which I will comment on later. The stick is a tribute to my hockey-playing friend away at prep school which is like JAIL who is probably reading this from her JAIL so if you are I love you and miss you!!!
Mom's scarf, thrifted skirt, HM boots, Delia's top
Wore last Thursday to the university's production of Anything Goes (which incidentally centered around sailors wow I matched the cast) which had a guy JUST LIKE NATHAN LANE in it!....only much, much bigger.
Wore last Wednesday, methinks.
American Apparel skirt and shirt, F21 tights and necklace, white Docs
I found this little bag whilst thrifting a while ago, and I LOVE IT!!
I remember the triumphant moment perfectly, because I had just seen an editorial somewhere, possibly nytimes, in which there were loads of these really awesome jewel toned tiny purses with fine chain straps...and guess what I found at the local thrift place!!!! That wasn't $2,550!!!!

The only problem is that it's extremely impractical for me to own something like this, because I can't fit half the crap I insist on carrying around with me in it. Seriously. I have my kodak camera, my wallet, my phone, make up bag, journal, polaroid camera (his name is bradley), and usually some other random crap.
But I will be brave and wear it tonight to get sushi with my friends because he is such a cute little purse and it would be cruel to leave him behind.

Tomorrow I will post the results of an impromptu photoshoot my friends and I took in the local park =) And my list of Things I Want But Do Not Have.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Now I'm a Fat House Cat

Went to see The Vagina Monologues last night at the University with my friends.

The performers most likely weren't actors, or even drama students, but I loved it anyway. And guess what they were selling at the door. In addition to condom bumper stickers.

They were chocolate lollipops of...the show's subject.
Yeah we took a couple pictures of them but none of us would eat them. At all. Until we saw the show and we were so filled with woman power that we chomped away happily. I did, at least.

Before the show we went to our FAVORITE CHINESE PLACE EVER
I had amazing tofu. It's actually called Amazing tofu, and it was amazing, so it was amazing Amazing tofu.
And one of our friends works there. She stopped by for a larf.

Picked up my friend at her dorm for the show.

She lives up there. Scary. But it's really a cool place.

The show made us laugh and cry and we staggered out of it feeling dazed but full in a good way. But not full enough that we didn't go get coffee afterwards.
Or tea- I had to get tea because I am a poor pauper in recent times. You know you're really hurting for cash when you pass up a raspberry mocha latte for tea.

We got our drinks and rather than sitting in the shop itself, sat in a spot just outside of it in the main building. It is our spot. We have claimed it with numerous spills on the carpet.

Clare got hysterical.

Katie mourned the loss of her coffee, which was apparently really good but she spilled it accidentally. Adding to our mark of ownership.

We were trying to look holy. I don't remember why.