Tuesday, February 10, 2009

yum, reindeer...

...chocolate reindeer.
how adorable, in his natural environment of plastic confetti. Let us watch him explore the world about him in his iron basket- think of what we can learn from this magnificent creature!

Too bad he's edible.

Some images find their way into my head and stick for some reason... they usually emerge during family + consumer class. It's either draw, or learn good and bad character traits. Which one would you choose? Le duh.
Just a rough sketch. Really rough. She has antlers tied to her head, they aren't sprouting there naturally. I want to figure out a story for her- I'm not sure what kind, but she does indeed have a story. You don't go rocking that headgear for just no reason, you know.

So I have curly hair naturally...but last night I straightened it for a change and wonder of wonders- I COULD FIT A HAT OVER MY HEAD.
Okay, so it's a really slouchy hat and it barely fits over me even with my hair straight but NONETHELESS it is a hat.

I felt like a fairy today.

I got this white skirt from Topshop about 3 years ago when we visited England, and I've worn it about....2 times, without great success either time. But on fashion pirate's blog I saw a white tutu she had worn recently. Mine definitely isn't as epicly fluffy and awesome as hers, but it gave me the inspiration to dig this out of my closet and pin parts of it up to add more volume.
It's awesome when you finally figure out the right way to wear something...so thank you!!!

le sigh...now it is time for english homework...if i can fit it on my desk, which is slowly accumulating coffee and tea mugs yet again- I JUST CLEANED IT SUNDAY AND NOW LOOK AT IT SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG. With the desk, not me, of course.

My favorite mug is another buy from England...I've never heard of 'Costa' coffee but I love how big this mug is! It takes both of my hands to hold it to take a sip, and it's actually really nice drinking coffee out of what is practically a bowl.

Anyway! Back to the English homework!



  1. thanks for visiting my blog. your hair is lovely btw. check back soon. :)

  2. Nice work on that sketch. Good luck coming up with a story.

    The skirt looks really nice pinned up. =)