Saturday, February 21, 2009

Now I'm a Fat House Cat

Went to see The Vagina Monologues last night at the University with my friends.

The performers most likely weren't actors, or even drama students, but I loved it anyway. And guess what they were selling at the door. In addition to condom bumper stickers.

They were chocolate lollipops of...the show's subject.
Yeah we took a couple pictures of them but none of us would eat them. At all. Until we saw the show and we were so filled with woman power that we chomped away happily. I did, at least.

Before the show we went to our FAVORITE CHINESE PLACE EVER
I had amazing tofu. It's actually called Amazing tofu, and it was amazing, so it was amazing Amazing tofu.
And one of our friends works there. She stopped by for a larf.

Picked up my friend at her dorm for the show.

She lives up there. Scary. But it's really a cool place.

The show made us laugh and cry and we staggered out of it feeling dazed but full in a good way. But not full enough that we didn't go get coffee afterwards.
Or tea- I had to get tea because I am a poor pauper in recent times. You know you're really hurting for cash when you pass up a raspberry mocha latte for tea.

We got our drinks and rather than sitting in the shop itself, sat in a spot just outside of it in the main building. It is our spot. We have claimed it with numerous spills on the carpet.

Clare got hysterical.

Katie mourned the loss of her coffee, which was apparently really good but she spilled it accidentally. Adding to our mark of ownership.

We were trying to look holy. I don't remember why.



  1. I know. What will these kids think up next. Haha we were all wondering what poor art student had to sculpt the mold for those things