Monday, February 23, 2009

The glen and sky spun around, the hills heaved!

I realized something not too long ago.
I want money.

I know, I know-strange realization!!!

And not to sound like a greedy and unscrupulous little thing, but it would be really nice to have a steady income, rather than the sporadic windfalls of cash I get from babysitting. And I hate asking my parents for money.
So upcoming is a list of the top things I'd buy if I were a rich man...ya da di ya ya dadumdumdum....
ehmm right.

I got to work on a piece I'm submitting for some scholarship moola...I started this a while ago as an abstract pencil drawing, so I just need to touch it up a bit.

And then some highly sophisticated people got together in a basement for video games, french onion dip and chips, and looking through old pictures. And holding MAH BEHBEH. D'awww look at his laydeez.

His name is Caramel and he is a pimp.

On Sunday some friends and I went to an art show we were in. It was a highschool art show, but it felt cool to see my work up for the first time =)
And some fool of a lady made the punch practically explode, which was hilarious.

I love forests when they're covered in snow.

AA shirt, HM boots. No clue what the stick is.
So what I wore today. I was a bit of a bum from having stayed up so late to watch the Oscars, which I will comment on later. The stick is a tribute to my hockey-playing friend away at prep school which is like JAIL who is probably reading this from her JAIL so if you are I love you and miss you!!!
Mom's scarf, thrifted skirt, HM boots, Delia's top
Wore last Thursday to the university's production of Anything Goes (which incidentally centered around sailors wow I matched the cast) which had a guy JUST LIKE NATHAN LANE in it!....only much, much bigger.
Wore last Wednesday, methinks.
American Apparel skirt and shirt, F21 tights and necklace, white Docs
I found this little bag whilst thrifting a while ago, and I LOVE IT!!
I remember the triumphant moment perfectly, because I had just seen an editorial somewhere, possibly nytimes, in which there were loads of these really awesome jewel toned tiny purses with fine chain straps...and guess what I found at the local thrift place!!!! That wasn't $2,550!!!!

The only problem is that it's extremely impractical for me to own something like this, because I can't fit half the crap I insist on carrying around with me in it. Seriously. I have my kodak camera, my wallet, my phone, make up bag, journal, polaroid camera (his name is bradley), and usually some other random crap.
But I will be brave and wear it tonight to get sushi with my friends because he is such a cute little purse and it would be cruel to leave him behind.

Tomorrow I will post the results of an impromptu photoshoot my friends and I took in the local park =) And my list of Things I Want But Do Not Have.



  1. You have excellent style and are SO GOOD at art! Love your blog. :)

  2. Oh the cat is soooooo cute!!! I miss mine :(

    Loving the outfits. You look great in the AA tie die shirt.

    Hugs, Xxxc