Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dancing Bears, Painted Wings...

So I scored the dvd of Anastasia from the Walmart $5 bin last night =D What an awesome friends and I had forgotten just how awesome it was. I had SUCH A CRUSH on demetri when I was little.

The true story is obviously not as simple as the movie, but I still luv it <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">but then, I am too I guess. I don't know why I love reading about the royal family's story, but it really fascinates me. Not just the Revolution part, but before that as well. Russians are pretty cool, you know.

But ALSO last night I was in a production called Firefly. It's a collection of poems and stories written by children displaced by war, submitted to WarChild Canada. I'm the co-president of a humanitarian club at our school, and this was our first production. I was so nervous but it turned out great. We read poems, had some guitar and piano, and amazing cookies. YAY FOR SUCCESS!

And the shorts I ordered from UO arrived! They aren't as quite high waisted as I would have liked, but they're pretty cool.Shirt from some shop in England, shorts from UO, umbrella from my dad. Enormous lawyer umbrellas are AWESOME.

Mr Wombles (my bro) was my photographer, in exchange for a ride to the mall.

And a Goodwill find!

I love love love Alfred Hitchcock. I have a dvd of some of his movies, and now I have his fav scary stories =)
My favorite so far is probably The Lady Vanishes
Hurray for Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave!

OH and yesterday also was Unity Day!

The local university has Unity Day once a year- different ethnicity clubs have tables in a big hall with food and cultural activities, and there's a big performance with traditional dances and a cultural fashion show!

This was the first year that I went and I loved it.

This little guy played amazingly, and then he grabbed his violin by the neck and pretended to smash it into a chair. Wut a cutie XD

So I'm in Arabic Club at my school, and I saw some kids from Saudi Arabia there who I knew, and I went over to them to say hi. This was after the performance, so the stage was empty, but there was still music playing and the audience (packed house) was still in the hall eating and sitting. So as I was talking to one of the kids he suddenly goes "Let us dance!" And pulls me on stage.

So we started dancing on the stage, because it was apparently dance time now.

And then a giant guy from Kenya came and joined us and he tossed me a stick that was painted yellow to dance with. And he started break dancing. So me and the other kid were dancing like crazy and waving the stick around as the dude was break dancing in front of us.

And then the Indian group came up and joined us. And the next thing I knew, the stage was crowded with people dancing as everybody came up to dance. It was just like in a movie! haha.

Sorry for the bad pictures, but I didn't bring my camera with me on stage and it was CROWDED. I just took these after we escaped the crowd to go forage for food.

So earlier in the week I went to get coffee with a friend and we ended up driving to one of my favorite places in my town- there's a big hill overlooking the main street in the town, and there's a stone stairway leading from the top of the hill right down to the street. I have no clue why it's there, but it's roped off and there's 'No Parking' 'No Trespassing' signs all around it, so whatever purpose it served 50 years ago is gone and forgotten. But it's so cool. Over the summer, my friends and I would go there in the middle of the night to sit on the steps and watch the cars go past below us.

And at some point I watched Fight Club with a friend (awesome, AWESOME, AWESOME!) And cooked mushrooms.

At some point there will be a post dedicated to my fav movies. and books. But until then....

Sandals by Urban outfitters, shirt from Urban outfitters, dress by mac and jac. Shades from the kitchen counter don't know where they came from.

I'll always be by your side...even when you're down and out...wear your black eyes, bake you apple pies....never ask that's what the above outfit reminds me of, sorta. By your side by Cocorosie.

le sigh. Ima go subscribe to some magazines I've been dying to get FOR EVURRR so that I can have something to look forward to in my mail other than college responses. I luv mail.

And I'll try to repaint my finger nails because the lovely teal color is practically all chipped off now. In fact, the color that remains looks like continents- they're the same teal color continents are on my globe haha.

Australia seems to be on my middle finger and I have Greenland on my pinky.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

But We're Still Makin Noise...

Lo siento for not updating for and family trips and general nonsense have been taking up much of my time.

But awesome stuff has happened as well. Cuz.....



Wow. So NYU has kind of been my dream for....forever. I'm a senior, and after spending my entire xmas break sending in applications (cuz I'm a lazy lazy woman and put them off forever), I hadn't heard back from any of them for 2 months. Which is normal, I guess, but pretty much everyone else I knew had at least one school lined up.

except me =(


Whether I actually get to go there is still up in the air...why oh why must parents be so stubborn. Just because I got lost on the subway....But we'll see. I'm really into some other schools too, so it all depends on the next few weeks...
But I am going to the accepted student meeting in two weeks, which is 3 days after the first Topshop opens in NY!

HAHA efforts to drag my vater there are in motion.

Anyway, the past week or so has been full of weather fluctuations...Gah the weather needs to get over itself. Get a midol. Some iron tablets. Something that will prevent it from tricking me into thinking "hey, todays the day I'll wear my sandals for the first time!" on the day it begins to snow. Again.

Anyway, I had some fun times this weekend, and over the past week in spite of general crappiness trying to ruin my fun. NICE TRY, CRAP. YOU ARE FOILED AGAIN.

So I first began the crusade against crap with preparations for the annual English fest video. Some friends and I are in a program called english which we are supposed to read a number of books and then go to a fest where we act out scenes and are quizzed on them. Every year we skim thru the books on the ride to the festival and take home first place in everything >=D hahahah.
Making a video of a book is optional. We have always taken advantage of this wonderful option. This year we chose Mother Courage.
I was Mother Courage. Hence the Indian headress, metallic 80's vest and valkyrie braids.

Jon was a lieutenant, badly injured while fighting in the Swiss Army. Hence the makeup and devil fork thing. Triton.

As soon as we finish editing the movie, I will try and post it because it is a work of art. The star of the film was a packet of feta cheese.

In my attic searching for period clothes. All costumes must be historically correct.

TA DA Pikachu was around back then, right? And Spiderman?

Haha if you haven't realized by now, I LOVE playing around with insane costumes and integrating them into any situation I can. Like a play/movie/thing about the 30 years war.

And do you remember Aunt Petunia's violet pudding? From the 2nd Harry Potter book???
Me and Julio decided to make it. Which required a trip to Walmart.

It sounded soooo good, didn't it? From what I remember, it sounded like a mound of whipped cream with sugared violets on it. WE IMPROVED IT.
So on the bottom is instant-vanilla pudding (because APPARENTLY Walmart does not carry violet pudding. What is up with that.), then there is a layer of banana slices, and then a BIG layer of whipped cream, and then sugar flowers and bunnies =D
SO GOOD. We ate it whilst watching Howls' Moving Castle. Which- no. I'm just going to dedicate a whole other post to that movie. And others. It shall have to wait. It's that awesome.

So why did no one tell me (Goodwill skirt, JC Penny tights, UO shirt, Global Pursuit hat, Walmart shoes)
about Walmart's shoes??? I mean they don't have the Jeffrey Campbell strappy sandal boots I've wanted for ages, but they're so cheap!! I did get these. They are the Mr. Rogers shoes.

And I got to break out my wolf shirt from Goodwill!!! (UO leggings and sandals. Goodwill shirt, Global Pursuit hat)
I love this thing. so. much.

This is what happens when you suck at timing jump pictures.

The next day called for an emergency run to Martin's for donuts. (UO skirt and tank, HM jacket. Not that you can see it.)
Or as we like to call them, ho-nuts.
Some kids spend their nights partying. I spend mine getting donuts and shoes and pudding at local grocery superstores. Is that wrong? THE HONUT SAYS NO.
I could live on Boston Cream donuts. Seriously.
*I'm. too sexy for this car. *Too sexy for this car* And the thing is......we were seriously listening to that. And I was doing a really cool dance move. YOU JUST CAN'T SEE IT SO I LOOK STUPID BUT ITS TRUE.
We drove around trying to find V for Vendetta cuz Morgan hadn't seen it yet and we were in the mood for something epic, but not one store had it. NOT EVEN WALMART. So we settled for Treasure Planet (SERIOUSLY underrated disney movie) and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Later that weekend...PHOTOSHOOT! Which I will post later cuz this is already insanely long.

Love and bye!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey

Prepare for massive outfit upload.

Doc Martens, Tights from JCPennys, skirt from my mom, shirt from some shop in London, belt from F21, hat from Goodwill
Soy un perdedor.

How awesome is this hat??? I found it at Goodwill at my visit there last Sunday...It reminded me of those hats from Marc Jacobs spring I snatched it even though it didn't really fit :( I was tired of things not fitting on my head!!! THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!!!
So I took a pair of scissors to it >=)

Now it fits over my head if I just angle it on the side.
I really have no hoodies, and only one jacket (which is very old and mangled), so when I'm cold I wrap myself up in a blanket. I came home on Monday and was FREEZING, so I used my usual blanket (I think it's from anthropologie), and for some reason decided to contort it into a kind of mexican cape.
Speaking of things Hispanic, I've convinced my parents to get me a Rosetta Stone for Spanish! I've been taking Spanish for 5 years at my school, but I still feel extremely inadequate at it. I've talked to some people who have it and I've tried the exercises on their programs, and I think (hope) it can help me not to sound like an idiot when I speak it.

I've been on a major Cocorosie kick...their art, music, don't know why but I love them a LOT. I am going to make a list of the awesome people in this world- I would be these people's apprentice and run around in a sweet catsuit helping them commit their deeds of awesomeness. Cocorosie will be on this list.
I will be putting together an inspiration mish mash from them soon...And I really want to come up with a cocorosie inspired outfit but it will take some doing and effort cuz I want to make it AWESOME and not possum.

Utter awesomeness.

Bianca is pretty much the only girl I know who can rock a 'stache.
Also a Beck inspired outfit cuz I feel like it =) Our school broadcasts the 'morning news'-two students from the tv department describing the events of the day...and it opens with a song of their choice. Usually I hate the music they choose but 'loser' came on today and it made me happy =) almost as happy as the one week last year when they played all broadway music- including 'worst pies in london'. Wonderful music makes me so happy, especially in the morning.

So today was the first day that I finally felt spring was coming! I have been wearing a lot of flowery, light stuff lately, so I'm glad the weather is finally agreeing with my clothes. I really have no conception of dressing according to the season or weather, and yet I still wonder why I shiver uncontrollably when wearing a flowery skirt and moccasins in the middle of a blizzard.
Go figure.
I got to break out my new blazer from Goodwill :)

Ignore the strange hair please...I slept on it funny...

skirt- American Apparel, tights-jcpenny, blazer +hat- goodwill, shoes- Urban Outfitters Even Caramel came out of his dark lair to frolic in the open air!

Which is a big deal. For him.
When he rolls on his back I have this urge to shove my face in his fuzzy stomach and scream. Sometimes I do this. When I do this, he gets pissed off. I do it anyway :) I call it snorgling.

Plz don't eat me. Please.

Happy spring!!!!