Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dancing Bears, Painted Wings...

So I scored the dvd of Anastasia from the Walmart $5 bin last night =D What an awesome friends and I had forgotten just how awesome it was. I had SUCH A CRUSH on demetri when I was little.

The true story is obviously not as simple as the movie, but I still luv it <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">but then, I am too I guess. I don't know why I love reading about the royal family's story, but it really fascinates me. Not just the Revolution part, but before that as well. Russians are pretty cool, you know.

But ALSO last night I was in a production called Firefly. It's a collection of poems and stories written by children displaced by war, submitted to WarChild Canada. I'm the co-president of a humanitarian club at our school, and this was our first production. I was so nervous but it turned out great. We read poems, had some guitar and piano, and amazing cookies. YAY FOR SUCCESS!

And the shorts I ordered from UO arrived! They aren't as quite high waisted as I would have liked, but they're pretty cool.Shirt from some shop in England, shorts from UO, umbrella from my dad. Enormous lawyer umbrellas are AWESOME.

Mr Wombles (my bro) was my photographer, in exchange for a ride to the mall.

And a Goodwill find!

I love love love Alfred Hitchcock. I have a dvd of some of his movies, and now I have his fav scary stories =)
My favorite so far is probably The Lady Vanishes
Hurray for Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave!

OH and yesterday also was Unity Day!

The local university has Unity Day once a year- different ethnicity clubs have tables in a big hall with food and cultural activities, and there's a big performance with traditional dances and a cultural fashion show!

This was the first year that I went and I loved it.

This little guy played amazingly, and then he grabbed his violin by the neck and pretended to smash it into a chair. Wut a cutie XD

So I'm in Arabic Club at my school, and I saw some kids from Saudi Arabia there who I knew, and I went over to them to say hi. This was after the performance, so the stage was empty, but there was still music playing and the audience (packed house) was still in the hall eating and sitting. So as I was talking to one of the kids he suddenly goes "Let us dance!" And pulls me on stage.

So we started dancing on the stage, because it was apparently dance time now.

And then a giant guy from Kenya came and joined us and he tossed me a stick that was painted yellow to dance with. And he started break dancing. So me and the other kid were dancing like crazy and waving the stick around as the dude was break dancing in front of us.

And then the Indian group came up and joined us. And the next thing I knew, the stage was crowded with people dancing as everybody came up to dance. It was just like in a movie! haha.

Sorry for the bad pictures, but I didn't bring my camera with me on stage and it was CROWDED. I just took these after we escaped the crowd to go forage for food.

So earlier in the week I went to get coffee with a friend and we ended up driving to one of my favorite places in my town- there's a big hill overlooking the main street in the town, and there's a stone stairway leading from the top of the hill right down to the street. I have no clue why it's there, but it's roped off and there's 'No Parking' 'No Trespassing' signs all around it, so whatever purpose it served 50 years ago is gone and forgotten. But it's so cool. Over the summer, my friends and I would go there in the middle of the night to sit on the steps and watch the cars go past below us.

And at some point I watched Fight Club with a friend (awesome, AWESOME, AWESOME!) And cooked mushrooms.

At some point there will be a post dedicated to my fav movies. and books. But until then....

Sandals by Urban outfitters, shirt from Urban outfitters, dress by mac and jac. Shades from the kitchen counter don't know where they came from.

I'll always be by your side...even when you're down and out...wear your black eyes, bake you apple pies....never ask that's what the above outfit reminds me of, sorta. By your side by Cocorosie.

le sigh. Ima go subscribe to some magazines I've been dying to get FOR EVURRR so that I can have something to look forward to in my mail other than college responses. I luv mail.

And I'll try to repaint my finger nails because the lovely teal color is practically all chipped off now. In fact, the color that remains looks like continents- they're the same teal color continents are on my globe haha.

Australia seems to be on my middle finger and I have Greenland on my pinky.



  1. OH thank uu !! :)
    but, u seem to have gotten a little bit of sunshine- right.. :P hopefully the sun will reach uu soon !! :) :)
    Man, I SOO love ur hair ! It's amazingly beautiful. my mum would have been so happy if I'd have hair like that :D

  2. woomaann we have to go get more coffee. Im a coffee-a-holic. I TRULY AM. I love the outfits by the way, as usual:) Let us go shopping at Tracy's and then good will sometime, and put on the most wonderful costumes. A photo shoot is in order, I should think. Time for a Howls themed one. love you bye!

  3. Hooray to Australia, hehe! :P I love that movie Anastasia! such a classic indeed. Ohhh I have an old family photo on my new post as well. I love old photographs they're soo lovely and seem so mysterious! I love your outfits they're absolutely gorgeous! xx

  4. I love love love finding cheap dvds, something about it makes me feel like I've really Won over the dvd makers or something, haha. Denim shorts in the rain? You're seriously hardcore, lady. x

  5. Fight Club- yesssss. Amaziing movie. I love your hair. Totally jealous of the first Hitchcock book. It looks like an engaging read.

  6. I still need to watch Anastasia from beginning to end, I always watched it in different segments whenever it appeared on TV haha

  7. you look so cute with that massive umbrella!!