Saturday, April 11, 2009

I know a guy

who goes to shows
and when they're over
he blows his nose
he don't use tissues
or his sleeve
he uses
-She Don't Use Jelly, The Flaming Lips

Sorry I haven't posted in trips and general confusion have been stealing my life away like a pirate steals booty. Um. Anyway.

start spreadin the newzzz

NYU was pretty awesome. I dunno if I'm going there life is as murky with indecision as a glass of Nesquick. Right now it's between NYU and another school...

I really did not get a good impression from the panel of admissions people who assembled to talk to us accepted students =p I did get a good impression from the actual students and professors though. Maybe I just don't like admissions people.

I know it's a long shot, but if anybody reading this is an NYU student, please email me or leave a comment! I really didn't have an in-depth conversation with a student about the school...just light chitchat. I'd love to have an actual student's point of view, as I'm having a really hard time deciding what's right for me.
HAAAAAAAA AND AND AND I did get to go to Topshop!!!! Total surprise. I didn't think my parents would let me go, but suddenly, out of the blue and after our tour, my dad asked me:

"Hey, what's the name of that store that you were shrieking to me about a week ago?....Stopshop?"-Dad
"Yeah, yeah, that...where is it?"-Dad
"Uh...Broadway and Broome?"-Me
*howl of joy*-me
This may be old newz, no big deal, regular butter and bread to some of you lucky people who are within 10 min of a store, but as I haven't been to one in 3 years...and the one in NY just opened about 2 weeks ago....BIG DEAL 4 ME =D

So these jeans I'm wearing in the picture are some I got from Topshop...I've loved high waisted skirts for a while now and recently have graduated to high waisted skirts, but I was a bit skittish about the style in jean form...but I tried these on and fell in lurv <3

Me having fun in the hotel. The bed was disappointingly un-bouncy, which is the first quality I look for in a mattress.

The week before last I was visiting another college, which was ohhh kayy... surprisingly, I did like the area it was in though. Kinda the complete opposite of NYC. The sky was up to some weird shit

I love rainy days

The best kind is either a complete storm, or a day when the sky can't seem to decide whether it's going to be dark or sunny.

I love being on the road. I love traveling. One of the things I want to do most before I die is just get in my car and drive for hours. I don't know if I want anyone to come with me or not. But I would drive and drive and when I felt tired I would stop and sleep, and when I was hungry I would stop and find something good to eat, and when I saw something beautiful I would stop and take a picture of it.
It's a bit frightening right now that I don't know where I'm going to be a year from now...what I'll be doing, who I'll be friends with. It's scary in a good way, but that doesn't make it any less frightening to me. It's like life just yawned and woke up and checked out my life and thought "Hm, better change things up a bit all at once."

My reading material doesn't help much right now either...just finished Fight Club, and finished The Fountainhead a while ago...both books that really make you look at your life and what you're doing. I'm trying to figure out how I see the world right now, and how I see myself in it. But whatever I'll do, I will have a camera and my notebook and my friends. And hopefully a good sushi place =p haha.
My parents have been hinting that I should focus on a practical, business oriented job...once I have that settled, I can spend time on things like art and writing. But I want to be proud of my job, and to do what I love.

So I figure as long as I do that, I'm doing okay.



  1. Hey darl!

    Thanks for visiting my new "home" hehe :)

    Yes! I am dying to get a lomo camera! I'm going to go searching tomorrow, so I'm real excited about that! There are a few places that I'm waiting to visit that sell all kinds of nifty things & lomo cams etc! I love rainy days too, today it's been a lil' cold & is starting to rain a bit which I've been longing for this day to come! It's been hot over here and it's finally raining now! Your photography is awesome! I love the images you've captured :) & that japanese fan, LOVELY!

  2. Amazing! Just the thought of going to school in New York is nuts, in the best possible way!

  3. love that flaming lips song!
    and those jeans are cute!

  4. just do what you love, don't do things to please other people!

  5. Grrrr soorry that the admissions people weren't so helpful. You'll get the information sooner or later though!

    What a wonderful surprise too! I've heard so much about TOPSHOP. Gave me a wee giggle hearing it referred to as STOPSHOP though haha.

    All your outfits are so cuuuute. I especially like the layering of the one where you are posing infornt of a ticket machine?

    Anyhoo have a lovely tue :)

    Eeli xx

  6. big fan of following your dreams, you go girl, and do whatever you feel is right.

    good luck:)

  7. Thanx dear !!! :)
    Oh, I spent 1 day in NY, and loved it- have to go there again some day !
    Nice pix as well, you !!!
    What is your major in studies?

  8. Oh my god look how cute you are. I love what you're wearing in the first picture. Love love love.

  9. nyu--exciting! great photos and your hair is still absolutely amazing!!

  10. I went to NY last November but didn't get to do much shopping though. Have fun!

  11. Love the photos and I'd love love love to have to gone to university in NY, I probably wouldn't have gotten round to doing much work though. Hope things work out well for you. xx

  12. loved this post! i'll try to stop taking my close-by topshop store for granted :)

    in response to your comment -- i live in the north of england (where there are NO good festivals) so i have to travel down south to see a really bad line-up and feel paranoid about how many shifty men there are! craazy! x

  13. Yeaasss I'm so blessed now witht this weather- it's unbelievable- almost tooo warm haha..
    And thank youuu- yeaa, I've had such a great time, really ! :)

    Oh ok, cool- I'm sure you'l find out something soon ! Take care