Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"The only way out is up," Elsie whispered to me

Lo siento for not updating in so long. I've got a load of tests and general crap headed my way with a rolling pin in its hand, so this will be short.
So a couple weeks ago my dad took me out to see Rent on Broadway!! I love love love this musical. It may be my favorite.
My dad turned to me during intermission, and said

"You know....every time I see this musical.....I dislike it less and less."

Well that's an improvement, I guess, haha. Thanks so much for taking me, dad! If you're reading this <3 . So at the door the guide took our tickets and led us down the aisle. We went down.
And down.
And down.
And my eyes got bigger and bigger the closer we got to the stage until we were four rows from the stage itself.
Needless to say, I was flipping out quite a bit. I love being so close to the actors- seeing their expressions and movements so minutely is incredible. And at the very end, when they were singing the finale and they were all crying... That was one of my favorite theater experiences ever. The original cast in all their awesomeness.
So in other newz....went thrifting with some friends and found some awesome awesome stuff. I got a really beautiful basket/purse that reminds me of a picnic basket, and a sweet indian necklace.Caught whilst pinning the beast. Didn't end up getting this, but it MAY find its way home with me's been awesome lacy goldness has been eating at my brain like unsuspecting gothic english common people eat Mrs. Lovett's meat pies.

I would totally have gotten this jacket. If there weren't cows all over it. Srsly. Without the cows, perfect hippie jacket. With third grade teacher who seemed to have a 'barnyard' theme comes to mind.

And I found a diary!!!! I think it was from the 30's- how incredible is that???? I had 6 months of someone else's life in my hands. I didn't buy it then cuz i didn't have the money (ka-ching, ka-ching...need a job....), but I'm going to go back there every couple days and read it in increments.

Where I could be instead of in Computer Applications at 11 am every morning.

The cherry blossoms outside of my hotel room.
On a college visit.

Didn't like the school. Loved the trees =D

I've got such a burning urge to create something right now. Doodling during school isn't satisfying enough...But everything has to be put off until I have thoroughly stabbed my AP tests in the heart with a stake. I am the high school Van Helsing.

It's amazing how little things can cheer me up so and sour soup and sushi at my favorite japanese place, lighting my frog on fire (haha)
In my journal last night I wrote a list of things that make me happy/inspire me. That will be my next post once the ghostly spectre of testing is out of the way.

Oh and geez louise I just saw Benny and June for the first time! Dude...If I didn't appreciate Johnny Depp as an actor before, I really do now. And I really want to iron me some grilled cheese sandwhiches. It's strange, because I'm not sure if I think the movie was a good one or not- in an artistic sense. But I loved it just because he was so incredible in it.
This is what I do when my mom tells me to smile with my teeth.
p.s.-only thing to do, is jump o-verr the mooon!


  1. Yeaa, I've seen them on telephone wires too ! It's strange, very strange I must say haha..
    And dude, I still loove yout hair !! Amazing!

  2. what a post girl! love everything....isn't rent the best? sooo good! your dad's reaction is so similar to my mom's! so funny xo

  3. I remember watching Benny & June! I can't remember what it was about though lol

  4. I love the cow jumper! Is that star top from topshop? I almost bought it, but had run out of wear it very well. Great photos, lovely blog

  5. You look absolutely stunning in every outfit - ahh I love the dark floral dress!!! :) Yes, Johnny Depp sure did a good one in that movie indeed! :) I love the photo of the book as well. So pretty! xoxox

  6. I love that lace dress, you should totally get it! x