Monday, February 28, 2011


My friend says she wastes half her life trying to wake up. I think I waste mine sleeping. I'd like some more daylight to burn through, please.

[cos i am an atomic princess]

My first fashion show came and went. It was an amazing experience- I don't think I realized just how amazing until the moment my models actually walked onstage, and suddenly I realized- five months, two sewing machines, eight splintered needles, two major break downs and one word document world of a girl and a Russian bear later-

I should record all my major life experiences in lists of numbers. Tallied together, they might equal a winning lottery number. Or the meaning of life. Or the numbers on a banana's PLU code.
(the last would be most fitting)

I'll post more detailed photos soon

cole rise

street artist whose name I forget

Terry Border

The Fall

I cannot believe I only just now saw this movie. Featuring the guy from Pushing Daisies, the only series that I began watching as a rule, only to be cancelled after 2 seasons. Still bitter.

Tanner Almon

In love with Ed Ruscha right now.