Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unbutton your clothes

Undress your soul, show them your vigor
Are those inhibitions easiest to fear?
Take this gasoline tin
Head up high, walk like a winner
Let the bare feet be the last sound that they hear...


Boots: Urban Outfitters. Pants and hat: American Apparel. Tank: Old Navy. Little woodland friend: Can't remember when he showed up in my life.

This past Tuesday I went with friends to see Our Lady Peace in concert. AMAZING.

The two cover bands were okkayyyy.... I hate it when guitarists do ridiculous moves. I mean don't get me wrong, guitar moves are sweet, but only if you can pull them off. Which very few people can. To me, anyway.

Steve Mazur can. CAN YOU?????
Didn't think so.

They are an incredible Canadian rock band...It was amazing seeing them in person for the first time, and they sounded just as awesome as they always had. We had kickass seats, too- very front. Our crowd was small but mighty. And we were about two feet from them. (!!!!!!!!!!)

At one point Raine Maida hopped on the sound system thing. The same speaker thing we were leaning on. YESSSSSSSSSSS you can tell he's amazing even in crappy focus from the back.

So that whole night was pretty amazing. At the end we all got high fives/handshakes/some kind of hand swipe from Steve. And my friend got the pick he played with that night. Needless to say, I'm plotting its capture.

Other highlights in the studyguide of life... much reading, writing, shopping, and general cool shit.

Topshop dress, thrifted bag and bow

I went to the Cheescake Factory for the first time in my life and nearly killed myself with delicious goodness. Like this hunk o' gorgeous right here. Godiva cheesecake, you are perfection on a platter.


ps- PLEASE ignore the crap music video and just listen.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I just don't know what to do with myself...

planning everything for two
doing everything with you
and now that we're through
I just don't know what to do

So my laptop's screen is busted (I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING BUT I SWEAR IT'S NOT MY FAULT), and I have had to abandon it to the integrity of the U.S. mail service to send it back and have those losers replace it.

But in the meantime the laptop I'm temporarily using until mine recovers FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON refuses to recognize my camera as anything other than a threat to its existence, so I can't upload pictures, which bites because I have had many recent shopping opportunities and I want to show my material possessions off.

But in the meantime, the lovely and amazing Jennifer gave me my first blog award!!!!!

Thank you so much!!! Your blog and tumblr always cheer me up with their adorableness and originality. And the food you eat always LOOKS. SO. GOOD.


So I must reveal 10 things that nobody knows about me...hrrrm...well here they are, accompanied by some random photos of things that have been inspiring me lately.

1. I have a really strange obsession with old cameras.
Like, not even polaroids, or things that I have any idea of how to work. If I'm thrifting and I see a really junky old camera, the convo usually goes along these lines:

Friend: Huh, that's cool. Do you know what kind it is?
Me: No. Hold this for me. *dumps other shopping into friends' hands to examine camera*
Friend: you know how to work it?
Me: Nope.
Friend:....where to buy film?
Me: No, mi amiga. Woot, fifteen dollars, I can do that!
Friend: .....

They just always look so beautiful and intricate, I can't help it. Someday I will find out how to work them. Most of them.
photographs of a parangole made by Helio Oiticica

2. All-time favorite snack: A Chips Ahoy cookie dipped in nutella, then peanut butter, then marshmallow fluff. In that order.

Fever Ray- When I Grow Up

3. I am slowly getting addicted to Korean soap operas. I don't really watch tv, but I am slowly succumbing to these. My friend in Korea keeps sending me her favorite dramas, and I...I can't help it. I am picking up random words, though, like oppa, unni, um...that's about it....

By Gabriel Orozco

4. I still have a favorite stuffed animal. His name is Husky, and he's a husky. (I was such a creative child, I know.) He is adorable, but his fur is all knobbly and bumpy because when I was little I stuffed him in the dishwasher to clean him. Poor guy.

by Gonzalo Endara Crow

5. I love it when people have an accent It doesn't even have to be anything really kickass like Russian or Scottish ( although that is cool too), I'm even enthralled by Western and New Jersey accents.
On a related note- my roommate says "Draw-aws" instead of "Drawers". She claims that I'm the weird one. Does anyone else do this???

6. One of my biggest dreams is to just take a year (or two) off from whatever I'm doing and just travel across the world at random.

Eugene Onegin and Vladimir Lensky's Duel by Ilya Efimovich Repin

7. I have never been to a rock concert. I'm going to my first one this Tuesday, and I can't wait until I go and I'm not lame anymore.


8. I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, that is one of my favorite collections of stories. I was going to put my favorite book of all time, but I seriously can't choose. But here is one of them. Which had better not get ruined by the impending movie. I really do love Robert Downey Jr. and everything, but....le sigh. He is not the Sherlock I read of.

Another kickass detective

9. I am pretty much the most disorganized person I know. But in an organized chaos kinda way- every time my mom comes in and tries to tidy up, I can never find anything I need. I swear. ( I love you, mom!) But seriously. I have, minimum, at least three coffee mugs on my desk at all times and only a few inches of bare desk visible.

The Magic Flute

10. I can't live in a room with bare walls.
A few days after moving in anywhere and I get out my magazines and markers and wall putty, and paste up pictures of my favorite artworks, pictures of me and my friends, magazine editorials, and excerpts from my favorite books. Currently on my wall are several pictures from Juxtapoz, Vogue Italia, Humberto Baglione, a trip to Minnesota, Alphonse Mucha, and and You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Chiral Carbons

So sorry for lack of updates and pictures...I can't wait till my laptop comes back!
Thanks again, Jen!!!!