Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey

Prepare for massive outfit upload.

Doc Martens, Tights from JCPennys, skirt from my mom, shirt from some shop in London, belt from F21, hat from Goodwill
Soy un perdedor.

How awesome is this hat??? I found it at Goodwill at my visit there last Sunday...It reminded me of those hats from Marc Jacobs spring I snatched it even though it didn't really fit :( I was tired of things not fitting on my head!!! THE TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!!!
So I took a pair of scissors to it >=)

Now it fits over my head if I just angle it on the side.
I really have no hoodies, and only one jacket (which is very old and mangled), so when I'm cold I wrap myself up in a blanket. I came home on Monday and was FREEZING, so I used my usual blanket (I think it's from anthropologie), and for some reason decided to contort it into a kind of mexican cape.
Speaking of things Hispanic, I've convinced my parents to get me a Rosetta Stone for Spanish! I've been taking Spanish for 5 years at my school, but I still feel extremely inadequate at it. I've talked to some people who have it and I've tried the exercises on their programs, and I think (hope) it can help me not to sound like an idiot when I speak it.

I've been on a major Cocorosie kick...their art, music, don't know why but I love them a LOT. I am going to make a list of the awesome people in this world- I would be these people's apprentice and run around in a sweet catsuit helping them commit their deeds of awesomeness. Cocorosie will be on this list.
I will be putting together an inspiration mish mash from them soon...And I really want to come up with a cocorosie inspired outfit but it will take some doing and effort cuz I want to make it AWESOME and not possum.

Utter awesomeness.

Bianca is pretty much the only girl I know who can rock a 'stache.
Also a Beck inspired outfit cuz I feel like it =) Our school broadcasts the 'morning news'-two students from the tv department describing the events of the day...and it opens with a song of their choice. Usually I hate the music they choose but 'loser' came on today and it made me happy =) almost as happy as the one week last year when they played all broadway music- including 'worst pies in london'. Wonderful music makes me so happy, especially in the morning.

So today was the first day that I finally felt spring was coming! I have been wearing a lot of flowery, light stuff lately, so I'm glad the weather is finally agreeing with my clothes. I really have no conception of dressing according to the season or weather, and yet I still wonder why I shiver uncontrollably when wearing a flowery skirt and moccasins in the middle of a blizzard.
Go figure.
I got to break out my new blazer from Goodwill :)

Ignore the strange hair please...I slept on it funny...

skirt- American Apparel, tights-jcpenny, blazer +hat- goodwill, shoes- Urban Outfitters Even Caramel came out of his dark lair to frolic in the open air!

Which is a big deal. For him.
When he rolls on his back I have this urge to shove my face in his fuzzy stomach and scream. Sometimes I do this. When I do this, he gets pissed off. I do it anyway :) I call it snorgling.

Plz don't eat me. Please.

Happy spring!!!!


  1. Awesome hat! You have the perfect hair for it. Just in time for spring, although the weather in NYC doesn't resemble anything close to spring. I especially love the second outfit with the loafers and knee-high socks. Great pattern on your dress as well.

  2. I love the hair! And the hat! And the outfit! Adore you & this blog :D

  3. Your hair is quite wonderful as is the hat! I had a mishap while handwashing my clothes and now my the skin on my fingers has been scrubbed away and likes to bleed occassionaly. Never mind, novelty children elastoplasts! x

  4. gorgeous outfit, love the hat! your kitty is so cute too, i have a little ginger one as well and his stomach is so soft :D


  5. cool outfits. and i love the hat! it fits you so nicely.

  6. LOVE THAT HAT. And that floral dress/blazer thing is wonderful. You're just 100% adorable.

  7. Such a wonderful hat and floral print dress :)

  8. OH, I love this! And your hair is perfection as well . :)

  9. Oh your kitty is too precious!<3

  10. You have the best hair I have ever seen.

  11. Thanks for your comment! Yeah! The early birdie photographs are amazing, I was gob-smacked! I couldn't believe I caught such a lovely image of the birds & the early morning. Yes, but when it snows I bet you still can capture beautiful images! I envy that you have snow where you live! I've never seen nor touched snow, as we don't have snow here. Haha we've had hail if that counts, not really eh! hehe!

    ♥ Jen

  12. P.S. your outfit is absolutely gorgeous! ♥

  13. ur cute thanks for your lovely comment ^^

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  15. hey, thanks for your lovely comment. if you're looking for a tailored blazer, you should try New York & Co. They have classic black ones that fit great! good luck.

  16. that's so great!
    i love love LOVE you hair, and i wish i could trade hair with you. sadly, that is not possible. ....yet.

  17. you have a really great sense of style.
    I have the same problem with french - I've been taking it for 4 years & still sound like an utter fool whenever I speak it. haha!

  18. yeah awesome hat and awesome hair! you are too cute

  19. hey! where have you been? haven't heard from you for awhile! hehe xox