Sunday, February 8, 2009

of allll the white horses...

Hmmm...i suppose my first post ought to have something more than just a greeting....
I created this blog a bit on a whim. I'm not sure how long it will last. It will be about everything I like- music, movies, art, books, poetry, photography, fashion, traveling...and some things that I don't like as well I guess. I first began reading fashion blogs this summer after seeing an article in the NY Times about fashionrobot...and I got a bit hooked. It was incredible to see how people all over the world could talk to one another through this- I could see part of the life of a person in france, or russia, people who were artists, fashion designers, photographers, or burger king people. Which is probably going to be my fate when the last of my bday money runs out.
So after some meandering and humming and harrumphing and haaahing, I finally decided to join in and be able to talk to these people myself rather than just reading their own blogs.
It also seems like a really good alternative to doing my homework.
I'm notoriously bad with computers...I'm frankly surprised I was able to create this blog in the first place. I will hopefully get better soon, but please bear with me and my technological ineptness for a while.

The name of my blog I got from one of my favorite Cocorosie songs. It sounds like a strange sort of fairy tale, and I decided to try to find out the meaning of it before I made it my title...this is what I found from an anonymous poster on
"The name Rainbow Warrior comes from the book Warriors of the Rainbow by William Willoya and Vinson Brown, (1962, Naturegraph Publishers). The book describes what the authors say are Hopi prophecies of warriors who would be mankind's key to survival. The legend says these warriors would appear at a dark time when the fish would die in the streams, the birds would fall from the air, the waters would be blackened, and the trees would no longer be; mankind as we know it would all but cease to exist. According to the legend man will someday destroy the world through his greed. The rainbow warriors will stand up to save the world."

It may not be accurate, but I like it =)

So hello! Prepare to be assaulted with pictures of my art, songs from my music, stories about my day....and my life in general =)


And his love for rainbow spirits
Jealous of their faithful heart-bond
And their dancing and their laughing
Made at last a league against them
To molest them and destroy them
Saint Noni wise and heart-strong
Often said to Rainbowarrior
"O my brother do not leave me!
Lest the evel spirits harm you!"
Rainbowarrior of two spirits
Gentle hand and lion-hearted
He laughed and then he answered
Like a child he softly whispered

We are Rainbowarriors
Evil come not near
Rainbow love awaits us
With hearts of love and tears

He's dead our sweetest mother
Loving father and our teacher
He's gone from us forever
He has moved a little nearer
To the master of all laughter
To the master of all song
O my brother, O my brother
Crystal brother of two spirits
Then we gathered in a circle
Stood round the rainbow fire
Burning embers hearts united
We remembered mystical beauty
If you look hard you can find a
Rainbow trail it's deep inside ya
Fear not you're a rainbowarrior
Golden light on everything gleaming

We are Rainbowarriors
Evil come not near
Rainbow love awaits us
With hearts of love and tears

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  1. YES! Cocorosie is pure magic. I love each and every one of their albums. I'd have to say that, "La Maison de Mon Reve" is my favorite album, with "Madonna" being my favorite song.