Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome back, Miss Jones


Finally back. There has been so much going on, I haven't really had time to make any decent posts...and if you don't have anything good to say, then....

It just started snowing like crazy here, on my birthday. I have been neglecting it for the past few days, but tomorrow I'm going out to test its sledding and snowball-making capabilities.
I really don't know how my cat is able to walk in our yard when it's snowing- he must look like a little orange submarine moving around with only his tail visible.

Stories of confused and addled love have been in my mind....

It Happened One Night

My tree

White Christmas

as have stories from the snowy north or behind the wardrobe door...

Peter and the Wolf


Bulgakov, Heart of a Dog

Peter FM

my wall and my yard
good to be back and relax in the snow!


  1. i love ur white coat! great post :)


  2. i love your white coat as well!!!! x