Monday, December 13, 2010

'cause a costume can be quite comfortable

Tierney Gearon

There is a process for peeling a pomegranate. There are also several dozen youtube videos dedicated to this process. I tried to watch one this morning, and after two minutes I gave up and started carving liberally with a steak knife. I ate my yogurt and pomegranate seeds with red stained fingers and watched the snow fall.

I spent today baking and sewing. Someone must have been watching over me while I picked out my fabric in the garment district, because it has been three whole days and I still love my color palette. I am almost done with my first dress- I'll post pictures as soon as I'm feeling good about the finished product.

The baking involved a lot of vanilla and almond and butter, which created the most intoxicating smell you could imagine. Every year that I can remember, my great grandma Oma baked tray upon tray of vanillekipferl. They are lovely, moon-shaped vanilla cookies with crushed almonds, dipped in powdered vanilla sugar. This was the first year that I took on the task of baking vanillekipferl, and they turned out amazingly. I can't upload any pictures right now, but here is a beautiful picture from a dessert blog:

I love the feeling of creating something. Watching a dress form under my fingers, molding almonds into little white moons, mangling a pomegranate beyond belief... Today was beautiful in so many ways. I will update soon again with more photoshoot pictures that are long overdue, but for now, here's a photo for your eyes, a taste for your mouth, and some words for your soul.

I am reading aloud the book of my life on earth
and confess, I loved grapefruit.
In a kitchen: sausages; tasting vodka,
the men raise their cups.
A boy in a white shirt, I dip my finger
into sweetness. Mother washes
behind my ears. And we speak of everything
that does not come true,
which is to say: it was August.
August! the light in the trees, full of fury. August
filling hands with language that tastes like smoke.
Now, memory, pour some beer,
salt the rim of the glass; you
who are writing me, have what you want:
a golden coin, my tongue to put it under.

-From Musica Humana by Ilya Kaminsky


  1. You sew??? That's awesome. I wish I could. Would make myself a nice pair of comfy socks.
    Those vanilla cookies look delish!
    big kiss,

  2. Hmm, nice...
    i love see this unicorn ♥

    your blog is fantastic!
    : )

  3. mm i want cake now!! haha

    show us youre earcuffs!! <3

  4. The Vanille Kipferl are looking so delicious ! :)

  5. you have a lovely blog, i was immediately drawn in once i started reading. you have a great way of writing :)



  6. I could give you the recipe for the maccarons I made but it's in german.. But it's actually a bittt tricky but not too hard. But it takes time. Do it with a friend, it's so much fun!

  7. Ok, here's the recipe. Good luck :)

    125 g Mandel(n), geschälte
    390 g Puderzucker
    50 g Kakaopulver, (kein Instant)
    150 ml Eiweiß, (ca. 4 Eier)
    1 Prise Salz
    250 g Schokolade, Vollmilch
    125 ml Schlagsahne
    20 g Butter


    Die geschälten Mandeln sehr fein mahlen mit Puderzucker und Kakaopulver mischen, 2 x Portionsweise durchsieben. (Alles was an Mandeln im Sieb hängen bleibt wegwerfen.)
    Eiweiss mit Salz sehr steif schlagen, Mandelmischung unterheben. Backofen auf 180° Grad vorheizen.

    Eiweismasse in einen Spritzbeutel mit Lochtülle (8mm Ø) füllen. Auf ein mit Backpapier belegtes Backblech im Abstand von 5 cm kleine Tupfen spritzen. Wenn das Blech voll ist, Spritzbeutel kalt stellen. Bei 180° Grad auf mittl. Schiene ca. 10 Min. backen, dabei den Ofen nicht öffnen.
    Herausnehmen. Mit dem Backpapier auf einen Rost ziehen, auskühlen lassen.
    Alles wiederholen bis der Spritzbeutel leer ist, evtl. die Temperatur und die Zeit anpassen.

    Sahne aufkochen, die gehackte Schokolade darin unter Rühren schmelzen. Die Butter in kleinen Stückchen unterrühren. Die Masse kalt stellen bis sie spritzfähig ist, kurz mit dem Mixer aufschlagen, in einen Spritzbeutel füllen, auf die Hälfte der Macarons in die Mitte jeweils einen Tupfen von der Füllung spritzen. Restliche Macarons drauflegen, die Ränder leicht andrücken. Ergibt ca. 70 Stück.

  8. baking and sewing♥ seems like such a productive day for you!


  9. i love your blog! i know, pomegranetes are such a mess to peel, but they are SO deliscious that it's definitely work it! =)