Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I was once many things, but now I am only several

Check out my new baby:
I found him (or her? I'm not sure yet.) at a used book sale on campus. He has no film and is dusty and old but he is gorgeous, isn't he?

So...anyone know where I can get film for a B-2 Sureshot?

Ebay had better not let me down this time...I can't wait to experiment!
Here are some pictures taken over the course of the past year with my old polaroid:
The road just in front of my house.

Gorgeous cherry blossoms from a college visit.

I love this one because it makes me think of a tidal wave of flowers

New York from the top of the Rockefeller. Yeah, yeah, I'm a tourist....

Evergreen fingers

Friend throwing helicopter seeds. This makes me miss summer...and my friends...
I love my polaroid. I've heard that the new company producing polaroid film will start selling sometime in 2010...until then, my camera will be asleep on my shelf.

I also picked this up at the book sale

I've never really studied photographers, other than Ansel Adams, but I seriously love Mr. Uelsmann's work.

The Photographer's Eye, 1967

His photos are so natural looking, but then also so ethereal. I got chills when I first looked through the book, the photos were so intense.

Poet's House, 1965

Untitled, 1966

It almost makes me think of an old science fiction movie, or a dream

A Moment I Do Not Remember, 1967

Memory and the Sun, 1966

Me in my dorm window, and my new camera...any suggestions for a name? Or a gender, for that matter? My polaroid's name is Bradley.



  1. I love your polaroids. and yes, your ebay purchase is amazing!


  2. Uhm, I think the camera looks like a "he" and he should be named Charlie because that would be awesome :) Looks great! If you wanna know what type of film to buy my suggestion would be to take him to a camera place and they can answer all your questions & see if it still works as well! :D Have fun!

  3. Love your polaroids! And it's so cute that you name your camera:)

  4. great photos!, i want polaroid camera >.<
    but im still don't have money to buy it
    why they are so expensive :[


  5. wooh those photographs are so eerie... fantastic!

  6. i think she (it looks like a she to me) should be named ROCHELLE or something as ghetto as that.

  7. i love that outfit! i think Banana is an adorable name for a camera, lol that's what my sister named hers. that's so cool that you've been to the time bomb! unfortunatley (for my wallet) i live in carlisle, so i go there at least once a week. which city do u live in? oh, btw, carlisle is having a woodstock-themed first friday event this friday at 5pm-2am (but im not staying that late) in case you'd want to come. there's a costume contest at the time bomb for best hippy outfit! it woudl be great if we could meet up and hang out! if you're interested, you can email me at

  8. Hurrah awesome! :D

    Eek, how exciting I can't wait to send you this pretty postcard!
    Can you email me & well trade addresses!

    much love,


  9. I gave you an award dear!

    Check it out xo

  10. Beautiful vintage camera & wonderful polaroid pictures :)