Saturday, August 22, 2009

The machinery is always going

Even when you sleep.

-Andy Warhol

Lamentation (Martha Graham), 1986
We went to the Warhol Museum a few days ago. Above is my favorite piece of the day.

Silver Clouds, 1966
Silver Clouds is my other favorite piece. We laid on the floor and stayed perfectly still, and watched the pillows float around above us. We were stuck between giggles and awed silence- sometimes the balloons seemed to be attacking us from above, and sometimes they just floated in the same place eerily, as though they were watching us.
I either really like modern art or I'm indifferent to it. But then it's the same way with more traditional, established art. Either way you feel, you gotta admit Warhol was a pretty kickass man.
This is currently hanging in my dorm room, above random shit from Ikea and my chinese lanterns.
Alphonse Mucha is one of my favorite artists- I won't recite his entire autobiography here, but in short he was an artist born in what is currently the Czech Republic in 1860. Although he has always been connected with the Art Nouveau movement ('new art' in French), he refused to acknowledge the connection between him and the movement, which emphasized the art of decoration and everyday life.
Like Warhol, he painted advertisements.
Job Cigarettes, 1897

He idolized famous actors and actresses.

Sarah Bernhardt in Hamlet, 1905

En L'Honneur de Sarah Bernhardt

I don't pretend to be an expert on Art Nouveau, Pop Art, or the life of Alphonse Mucha. It's just interesting to compare them and their beliefs.

The Morning Star, 1902

Andy Warhol created works that glorified everyday, commercial art, like his famous Campbell Soup Can series.
Mucha dismissed the term 'Art Nouveau' and grew frustrated at his growing fame in connection with commercial art.
The work that he was most proud of, his fine art masterpiece, is the least known of all of his pieces.
These are just a couple of the 20 pieces of the Slav Epic, which depicts the spirit and history of the Czech people.

I don't know why but I'm incredibly drawn to his work. The forms, the light, colors- everything.

Now that the pretentious rant is done with, the shallow rant follows:

All from Topshop, except for the first one, which is from chickdowntown. Just things I want but can't have. Y'know. The usual.

Steve Powers' Love Letter Project

I will forever love the man who graffitis a wall for me.



  1. I love this post :) the colours and effect are really pretty :) & those outfits are sooo hot!

    I was wondering would you like to trade postcards? :) Let me know k!

    xoxo Jennifer.

  2. i love the fringed skirt, and the pink ballerina dress is FREAKIN' gorgeous! much is mym favorite artist too! lovely lovely lovey! so glad i found your blog! =)

  3. love these, full of inspiration!!