Friday, June 11, 2010

The people all call her Alaska

Pictures from my first fashion show!

It was Alice in Wonderland- themed...guess whose hat this is....

Literally a leaning Tower of Pisa of satin and polyester.

White Rabbit sunglasses!

shot by the amazing Kristen...we are safe from evil

It was so much work, but it felt so amazing to see all of my pieces on the stage..definitely an incredible experience.

In honor of National Poetry Month, some friends from class and I decided to celebrate by leaving poems all over campus in the dead of night! Or early morning, really.
Frank Warren, the creator of Post Secret, visited our school to talk and share his awesome mail.
waiting in line, reading one of his books together

Attack poetry construction!!
random lonely balloon

flowers wilting in the heat of my shoe-box dorm...

I'm off to Colorado tomorrow, so this is just a quick post to show that I'm still alive... Hope all of your summers are sunny and fun! Or if you like rain, puddly and fun. That's cool too.


  1. Awww, love the hats, you did a great job! Love the one in the 5th photo especially!
    Great post :)

  2. omg post secret how cooollll! :D :D

    I love your photo shoots! x