Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A child white as snow

red as blood
and black as the wood of the windowframe
(from the Brothers Grimm Snow White)

I don't think I'll ever lose inspiration in fairy tales and forest lore...

I took these of our Snow White

So Pocahontas is not denizen of fairy tale lore, per say....but Annie was determined to play her. And she makes a beautiful princess of the woods!

Grandmother Willow!

Me as Little Red Riding Hood. My ridiculously tall lace boots, thrifted (( bag, and a sarong my mom bought me as my red hood


look closer- we were literally 2 feet from a sleeping fawn before we saw him! Definitely the most magical part of the day was watching this little guy take a snooze in the grass

This is one of my favorite childhood friends! His name was Sunchaser, I do believe...he lives in lavender, apparently

Red Riding Hood would totally wear these...not sure how well they'd work out trekking through the woods with a rapacious wolf on the trail, but, you know....he may just take the shoes and leave her alone if she wore them. He's a classy wolf.


  1. aaaahhh!!! wow! these photos are so whimsical and magical!! love them all!! love the inspiration behind them!! and that last shoe image is just amazing!!!!

    Animated Confessions

  2. Wow-the photos are really pretty. I'm so jealous about you finding the little deer :D Love the Brothers Grimm too!
    Thank you very much for your sweet comment, hehe, liking your blog loads and im now following!

  3. Love the red riding hood photos! Those boots are amaaazing (:

  4. These photos are really cute!

  5. oh wow, I've always wanted to make a photoshoot inspired by snow white, and now you've made me want it again even more!
    really inspirational pictures!

  6. Love how you incorporate the stories to your photos. And yes, I can totally see Little Red Riding hood sporting those bad boys.

  7. Think Little Red Riding Hood would completely kick the wolf's backside with those boots - think how radically female history might have changed if all fairy tale heroines wore boots like those!

  8. The fawn is so cute!!!
    I like the first black and white picture! It's really beautiful! And so are these wedges!