Saturday, May 8, 2010

Alabama, Arkansas

I do love my ma and pa

Baaaack from the cramped dorm rooms of universidad!!!
living space NOT the size of a "fun size" butterfingers bar (....if they're going to be that tiny, WHY MAKE THEM AT ALLLLL. Not my idea of fun.)
chilling with my hometown friends: underway
rediscovery of embarrassing childhood books: check (remember those nancy drew notebooks? for kids who were too lame to actually get nancy drew?....yeah.)
Painting/writing/photography projects: underway (I've already stained my hands with aubergine, cadmium red, and hooker green. Not kidding with the last one.)
subscription to many wonderful works of print: check (FINALLY GOT MY SUBSCRIPTION TO LULA AND WORN!!!! now just have to wait half a year for each heheheh....yeah...)

increased summer blog-post schedule: initiated


So here's a bit of my comings and goings....friends, shenanigans with ice cream and photobooths (those things are just asking to be misused...)

my lovely photogenic and ice cream devouring friends

A creative writing reading graced by the work of many incredible people, as well as Thomas Lynch, funeral director, writer, and cool person extraordinaire.

(note the unoriginal perspective...still figuring my new camera out, guys..)

musicwise, I've been enraptured by Stars leading laday kicking ass

Photoshoots back when my lack of seasonal dressing sense made me suffer. And trip to the Mattress Factory

shopping carts, K-mart crates and overturned grills that look like charred shrines to a woodland god....that's mah dorm, yessiree

Two by fours make great props. Not so great places to stand in 4 inch heels, though
And my first fashion show! I'll devote an entire other post to this....I was a hat designer in my uni's show, incredible experience all around. Here are some inspiration photos I littered my desk with during construction.

Zora Neal Hurston knew her headgear

Naginoda....If I could wear a lion made of my own hair on my head every single day....oh the perfect life. And it would speak sometimes, but only in riddles, or to make witty comments. Oh, those witty hair-lions.


Keats apparently liked to perch in trees

we'd get along well, then.

Bright Star.... fields of hazy blue flowers, a room full of dying butterflies, poetry from an insecure young genius and star crossed love.....beautiful

I am a bit of a Sherlock Holmes fangirl. My collection of all the original stories and illustrations is one of the more enormous tomes I filled my "fun size" dorm with. My mom recently got me the tv version with Basil Rathbone- not extremely accurate, but incredibly entertaining. Especially when watched with good friends over cookie dough and pasta.

I have so much to share coming up...I am reunited with my paint and my sewing machine, along with free time, inspiration, and amazing friends.

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  1. Zora Neale Hurston rocked: amazing talent!