Thursday, April 1, 2010

More than putting another man on the moon...

....more than a New Year's resolution of yogurt and yoga
We need the opportunity to dance
with really exquisite strangers.
-excerpt from Slow Dance, by Matthew Dickman

Remember the creepily beautiful roses that my friends and I found last summer? Yesterday, my friend opened her bio text to a random page and found them again!

They're called Ghost Roses, or Indian Pipe- how amazing is that??? Ghost roses....I want to paint these soon....

more inspiring creepiness. This is a portrait of Christina Ricci by Mark Ryden. Gorgeous both in Sleepy Hollow and as a bumblebee queen

Poetry that has been inspiring me poetry class was assigned a book by Matthew Dickman, and it really stuck with me....I think his style of writing has influenced my own current style.
His brother Michael is also a poet. My professor told us that he works at Whole Foods. I am really feeling the urge to quit school, work at an organic market, and wax poetic on legumes all day. The thing is, I'm not kidding.

awesome sweater/tie combo!!!! Reminds me of a grandfather suit from a Pixar movie.

Watched this recently....LOVE Gael Garcia Bernal. I enjoyed this movie, but not so sure how accurate it is, or how well it portrayed Che Guavera's life, because I don't know much about him to begin with...

Also recently saw this. Loved it.

And now for the clothes part of the post, yes this is inevitable....Pixie Market has this amazing desk that looks like that towel I used to dry off my watercolor brush for 6 weeks, but of course it's sold out....and more than 200 dollars....

Topshop booties! I have this addiction to all things leather and buckled. It has to end.

Who am I kidding, it will go on forever!


  1. Wowee what another lovely post!

    1. I just adore Mark Ryden! I have one of his illustrations framed on my wall called "The Circus" love love love it! :)
    2. I love Ghost World! It's one of my fav movies!
    3. That dress & shoes from TopShop is just lovely!

    Hope all is well & that your studies are going well! Can't wait to hear from you! x

    P.S. this is the second time I'm writing this comment hehe it didn't go through the first time so hopefully it will this time eek! x

  2. i love mark ryden so much, creepy but still so pretty! xx

  3. Nice post! I think that among the creepy I choose the shoes and the dress. :))

    B* a la Moda

  4. WHat amazing flowers, you can hardly believe they're real looking at them.

    I loved The Motorcycle Diaries, although I heard it is somewhat... idealised. Like the bit where he swims across the river to see the people with leprosy didn't really happen like that at all. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy the movie though, or Gael Garcia Bernal!